It really sucks being lonely all the time. But I don’t just want a relationship with anyone. I only want you. I’m not so sure I’ll ever want anyone else. I want you back so, so badly. I’m waiting on you, to change your mind, to come back, to give us another chance. I’m hopeful, but it’s hard to stay hopeful and to keep believing after all this time. But I still do because you were the absolute best thing that’s ever happened to me. The way I feel about you, I can’t imagine ever feeling that way about anyone else. I’m crazy for you.

Hey Taylor! I’m in need of some of your excellent love advice. So there’s this boy, and summer before last, we weren’t exactly boyfriend and girlfriend, but I we dated. He called things off after about a month and a half because he was going through a hard time and didn’t want that to affect me, and also because he wasn’t sure exactly how he felt about me. I was devastated. I don’t cry about it as much as I used to, but I think about him everyday, nights are especially rough when it comes to thinking. I still love him just as much as I did over a year ago when we were still together. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss him. And I don’t think that’s just me being young and naive and I don’t think it’s just because he was my first real love. We had a deep, strong connection, we lifted each other up. Before anything else, he was my very best friend. It was the happiest I had been in my entire life. Just before school ended earlier this year, he and I were talking more and it really seemed like maybe things were headed back to the way they were. He had told me he missed me a lot and that we would hang out over the summer. Turns out, we barely talked over the summer and we never hung out. Now, school has started again, he’s unfriended me on Facebook, he’s got a new girlfriend, AND he asked her to homecoming on my birthday. We’ve talked twice in the past week and I wasn’t my normal, nice, friendly, cheerful self. I even explained to him that I was frustrated with him for not being consistent with communicating and for not keeping his word. I felt kind of bad, I think I might have even sort of unnecessarily rude when we talked. But I mean, why are we talking now? Does he actually care at all about me? I don’t get it. I’ve tried unfollowing him on other social medias because I thought it would make me less sad. I even deleted his number, I thought it might help me but it hasn’t. Everyone tells me to forget about him but that seems impossible. I can’t fathom the idea of being with anyone else but him. No one understands him like I do, but he really is such a wonderful person, he just has his problems that he needs to accept help with. I’m sorry this is so long and rambling. What I’m trying to say is, I miss him more than I ever knew you could miss another person. I absolutely still love him and I just want my best friend back. And when I talk to him, or when I see him posting things online, I get the impression that maybe, just maybe he feels the same way I do and wants things back to how they used to be. I still have hope that things will work out between us, I still want us to work out, more than anything. I feel like we’re supposed to be together. We just really understand each other really well and know each other better than we know ourselves sometimes. I even feel like he’s the one. So my questions for you are: 1) am I crazy for feeling the way I do and for wanting these things after so long? 2) do you think it’s possible at all that maybe he really does still have feelings for me and wants things back to how they were? And 3) do you think we have any chance at having another shot at being together? I really think you could help me. Thank you! taylorswift